Blinks n luxe 

Welcome to the lash empire, Blinks N Luxe Minks. Blinks N Luxe Minks is owned by Tania M., who is known as The Lash Queen. This lash brand was created in 2018 for beauties everywhere who enjoy a good lash strip; Luxury lashes to be exact. Mink lashes are currently very popular in the beauty industry. Blinks N Luxe Minks carries styles from Natural to super DRAMATIC. Our lashes are quality and can be re-used 20-25 times with proper care. Though The Lash Queens favorite lashes are 25mm length, she LOVES to help others find a lash style that fits them for whatever occasion they desire. The motto here is "Make EVERY Blink pretty because blinks in some MINKS can get you further than you think!"


                                                                                                    - The Lash Queen

Once you become fearless , life becomes
Sometimes you gotta be a beauty and a beast